EDEXCEL London Tests of English 5: Class Audio Cds
Set of 2

Virginia Evans
Express Publishing
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ISBN: 978-1-84466-915-8
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(Τελευταία Ενημέρωση: 14-10-2010)

Practice Tests for EDEXCEL London Tests of English Level 5 is a collection of five complete practice tests based on the EDEXCEL International Format and Syllabus for the London Tests of English Level 5. These tests provide systematic exam preparation and practice in the tasks contained in the Level 5 syllabus.

Key features:

- An introductory section providing an overview of each of the five tasks included in each test.
- Five full practice tests for London Tests of English which offer a comprehensive range of the topics, vocabulary and structures included in the Level 5 syllabus.
- Photographs providing excellent visual material for the Level 5 optional Oral Examination.
- Audio CDs containing material for the listening tasks in test situation format

The Teacher's Book contains answers to all exercises in the Student's Book, tapescripts of the recorded material as well as model answers for the writing tasks and the Oral Examination section.