Myrsini and the Blessed Pomegranate Tree

Σοφία Πολίτου - Βερβέρη
Μετάφραση: Ελένη Πόγκα
Εκδόσεις Σαΐτα
Αριθμός Έκδοσης: 1
σ. 36
ISBN: 978-618-5040-75-8
Γλώσσα πρωτοτύπου: ελληνικά
Τίτλος πρωτοτύπου: Η Μυρσίνη και η ροδιά η ευλογημένη
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The beautiful village, as a little centerpiece under the smile of the sun, offered life to the happiest people, until a formidable enemy in scarlet red spurted in anger and with envy to destroy all this beauty. But what exactly did it destroy after all? What happened to Myrsini, the pomegranate tree and the little canary? Why was the village renamed? After all, is there still any hope?